STOP the City Of Oceanside from shutting down an Iconic Oceanside family run business,  Please CLICK HERE to sign a petition or visit the landing to sign in person,

WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT.  Write your Mayor, City Council, and your Harbor Manager. Tell them what you want and share your expericence here in the Oceanside Harbor, and here at Helgren's. The City needs to hear your voices as your voices are what matter to them most.

Helgren's has financially invested in and branded their current location for the last 38 years, working with local schools, daycare facilities, charities, fishing clubs, youth organizations,  local funeral homes, and various military organizations. We have survived downed economies, environmental changes that affected the local fisheries, numerous changes in City government, years with NO harbor management, In-adequate dredging causing an inability to safely conduct our business on a daily basis, an evicted tenant, (be means of a settlement agreement after years of legal battles)  who has decided to steal the likeness of our landing and use our image to advertise his own interests and smear campaign (facebook page, press releases) while we still occupy it and hold the lease, an evicted tenant who for unknown reasons the city has allowed to breach our current contract and operate his business from his temporary birthing location, only paying slip rent, not even closely equal to what Helgren's has to pay, not to mention many, many years without any support or partnership from the City of Oceanside.

Thank you to all of you who showed up April 19th, wrote letters, made phone calls, sent emails, and signed our petition.  We still need to keep on fighting, the extension til November 30, 2017 is still not a guarantee for our future here in Oceanside.